Handlebar tapes for wide dropbar handlebars

Further, faster, higher. And wider!

It's probably no secret anymore that I prefer wide drop bars, aka wide drop bars. They provide more control off-road and offer space for larger handlebar bags. How wide the handlebars should be is of course a matter of taste and depends on your stature.

The extra width often means that there is still a lot of handlebar left at the end of the bar tape. Then it's time to wrap again - with more tension and more generous spacing. Or use a longer handlebar tape!

To make your search easier, I'll list a few "bar tapes" with extra length.

  • Redshift Cruise Control Really Long bar tape (3150mm); Details
  • Grepp Gripper (3000mm); Details
  • Camp And Go Slow Rattler (3300mm); Details
  • Curve Extra Long (2150mm); Details
  • Crust Soft Palm (3000mm), details

I also had good experiences with the Fizik (fi'zi:k) Tempo Bondcush Soft; just long enough for a 520mm handlebar and, as the name suggests, very soft and comfortable.

I would also like to particularly highlight the Grepp Gripper. Why? Well, it is made in an eco-friendly way and is reusable.
All raw materials come from Europe, for example the "main ingredient" Tencel comes from Austria (Lenzing AG). In addition, the handlebar tape is completed in Sweden. The surface feels pleasant and offers good grip. Did I mention that it can be washed at up to 40°C? Great!
One of these great handlebar tapes is currently being “tested”. After enough kilometers and washes, I will write a short test report about it here in the blog.

Ride on!

PS: The Grepp Gripper Bar Tape “coincidentally” is available to buy here in the shop! Click here for the Grepp Bar Tape.

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